I just filmed myself having an orgasm… or three

I was planning on making a naked road trip video for ishotmyself.com this weekend. The weather is shitty though and I was chilling out at home, the time just happened to arrive for Saturday morning orgasms, so I decided to film those instead. I wish I was all computer savvy and had a funky site that I could edit and post them to so you could watch right now. But alas, you’ll have to wait.

3 orgasms, pretty light, a funny interruption from the dog later and I’m feeling very relaxed. Usually I don’t watch my videos back straight away but I just watched this one and it looks really cool, I think it’s one of my favs. I had a tense back earlier this morning, all tension is now released.

Orgasm = good natural medicine.

Orgasms are such amazing occurrences in our bodies, it astounds me each and every time I have one. I am really happy about the fact that I’ve got to a point where I can openly and honestly share with anyone who is interested to see what I genuinely look like having and orgasm on my own time. I love to watch people having orgasms, as long as they are real, I see no point whatsoever in watching an orgasm be faked. I think it is sacrilege. I wonder if every man and woman was prepared to film themselves doing this, if it would still be interesting..?

ps. ifeelmyself.com is by far the best orgsamic website in the world. And there are some amazing shoots on their way up this week.

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